East Mountain Coalition of Neighborhood Associations

Welcome Neighbor!

The East Mountain Coalition of Neighborhood Associations is a gathering of Neighborhood Associations from throughout the East Mountain community located east of Albuquerque New Mexico

The EMC serves a vital purpose—to unite the communities that make up the Cedar Crest and Sandia Park areas of the East Mountains and give them a voice in local government.

The Coalition’s board works with the Bernalillo County Commission to address the concerns of East Mountain residents, and it also helps disseminate information about area services and issues.  Beyond providing basic tools and advice to residents about local law enforcement, zoning changes and public works. On a number of occasions, residents objected to zoning proposals, due to the anticipated noise and pollution they would cause. The Coalition helped by going to public meetings in support of the subdivisions’ cases, speaking to county officials and sending e-mails to spread awareness.

Membership to the Coalition costs $20 per neighborhood/landowner/homeowner association per year. And although only associations registered with the County can be official members, a number of unofficial groups are still on our mailing list so they can stay in the information loop.

If you would like to join the EMC or its mailing list send your request to 


If you are paying your annual dues by check please make your check payable to East Mountain Coalition of Neighborhood Associations and mail you check to;

Darci Roark, EMC Treasurer

PO Box 136

Tijeras, NM 87059